Educational Game for Magnox

New power game across the board.

Client: Magnox
Task: Packaging
Skills: Design Illustration
Play is by its very nature educational. And it should be pleasurable. When the fun goes out of play, most often so does the learning."

Joanne E. Oppenheim

The brief

Energy companies and politicians alike are seeking to positively promote their policies on meeting energy demands. Energy sustainability is focussing minds in the UK and across the globe. The message needs to reach across the board.

Magnox brings electricity generation into schools, with a bright new board game. ‘Future Generation’ encourages youngsters to explore the range of power supply. Loosely based on the classic ‘Monopoly’, the player is motivated to find the most efficient energy revenue, considering both generation capacity
and carbon production.

The solution

Working from scratch, Litchfield Morris brought the concept to life, creating a lively brand with personality and youth appeal. Rolling out the game, designs and colour coding were agreed, and bespoke suppliers sourced for counters, dice, the board, playing cards and money. Six denominations of cash gave each game over £500 billion to spend!

The game pieces for coal, gas fired, nuclear and wind generation provided a unique challenge. Following research into white metal casting and new 3D printing technology, we recommended the innovative and cost effective concept of laser-cut acrylic.

Our accurate CAD drawings of the four different power station designs ensured ease of assembly and brand affinity. ‘Future Generation’ proudly arrived in its customised outer box with all internal pieces intact and secure.

The result

Strong bright graphic design brought the game to life, artwork skills designed the laser cut 5mm acrylic models to budget, and project management ensured form followed function.

Litchfield Morris played out the future generation game for Magnox, on time and with a unit cost that met their strict budget.