E-SeaP for Prisons Awards for Severn Wye Energy Agency Ltd

Sustainable design

Client: SevernWye Energy Agency
Task: Corporate Identity Stationery
Skills: Design
Litchfield Morris have delivered a very professional and friendly service in the design of our new project branding. Not only did they manage to focus the complexities of our project’s multiple messages and audiences into a variety of well crafted and carefully selected designs for our review; they also managed to do this with minimum impact on our time and within a short timescale"

Head of Education and Training
Severn Wye Energy Agency

Sustainability in business is the hot topic for 2012 – discover how Severn Wye Energy benefits from Litchfield Morris’ expertise in clear communications for the sustainability sector.

The brief

E-seaP is the European Sustainability Energy Award for Prisons, initiated by Severn Wye Energy.

Severn Wye Energy is delivering a new contract designed to motivate sustainable energy awareness and action in the Prison Service throughout the UK and Europe.

The award scheme will assess three areas of prison performance, buildings, training and education and community. The focus will be on engaging and motivating staff, offenders and stakeholders.

The solution

E-seaP is the hallmark of the project which needs to distinguish the message and influence a fresh and positive response in a challenging environment. The new brand is carefully designed by Litchfield Morris to:

  • represent the three target areas of performance
  • work visually across all languages
  • communicate the essence of energy efficiency
  • deliver instant recognition
  • impact clearly with the target audience
  • endorse the required sense of achievement.